Palazzo Zenobio Venice 2013

Tower of Babel

Palazzo Zenobio Venice 2013

Reclining Female – Samurai – Tower of Babel

reflect my perspective and view on life and humankind. I look into faces, realize traces of time and emotions, forms and materials.

I imagine and visualize a new combination of object and material. My sight is focused at the origins of concepts and aims at combining unusual materials with a new vision of fundamental aspects.

My approach is based on the elements water, fire, earth and air combinated with the five sences, resulting in a perception of the artwork.

The themes Reclining Female, Samurai and Tower of Babel combine the elements of human life and interactions: man and women and their communication.

The Samurai is symbol of power, omnipotence and hybris. He is driven by impressing the Reclining Female. Her physical subjugation is the female power. it promises renewal, rebirth and survival of mankind and nature.

The Tower of Babel pretends to be an eternal construction. But we know that this is only true to a certain extent. Inclined levels disturb the illussion of sky rocking. The collapse predictable.

Veronika E. M. Blum
Berlin, May 2013